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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

It\’s the writing of a headline so that Google will pick it up.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a marketing technique for making a web page appear more frequently above others in a list of results from a search engine.

Usually followed by a sub-head which repeats the terms which you want Google to pick up on.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, a process for attracting more readers to a web site from search engines. Web pages can be edited in order to improve their visability in search engines, with the aim of appearing at the top of the list of results for a popular search term. The higher up the list of results for a search term a web page appears, the more people will click on it.

The article itself should then repeat those terms to really make sure that Google thinks it\’s important and so will give it a high position.

You then describe what whatever it is actually is and dot those \”keywords\” around liberally.

Search engines…….Search engines……search engines…..Search engines……The SEO process…..Search engine optimisation …search ….. search engine results…. search results, ….. Search engines …. SEO…… SEO-based ……

This particular effort has got the number 1 ranking in Google News for \”what is search engine optimisation\”. Not on the front page of Google itself as yet though……

4 thoughts on “This just in from the Telegraph”

  1. Even before the Panda upgrade, keyword density is far less important than links (votes) from related high ranking sites. This is what Google did differently in 1998 and that’s why it’s the number 1 search engine.

    Journalists will be familiar with keyword density because that’s what they’re taught to do BUT only because that’s their only lever in improving SEO. It’s really just a sideshow.

    If you want to improve your traffic to this site, you’d be far better off making sure that every Forbes and ASI article that you write is linked backed to here.

  2. It’s a bit funny, though. Writing an article titled ‘what is search engine optimisation?’ in 2011 is like writing ‘what is the Diesel engine?’ in 1911.

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