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At the ASI.

Yes, people really do move because of tax rates.

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  1. Well, I’ve moved to Singapore now. Tax wasn’t the main driving force, but the difference is just staggering now that I’m here.

  2. I left the UK in January for several reasons; tax wasn’t the most important but it certainly figured. Now I’m considering settling in the Far East (Singapore is definitely tempting), so all that income tax and VAT and fuel duty and who knows what else I’d have been coughing up so vote jockeys could indulge their fantasies of competence and capibility… well, they’re not going to be getting it, are they?

  3. Re the original piece: moving from NY to NJ (or vice versa, no idea how they work – I do know I’d take a train trip to NJ every month or so to buy a carton of ciggies if I lived in NYC) isn’t quite the same as moving from the UK to somewhere that’s a flight away.

    I’m currently living in Oz. Didn’t move here for tax reasons, but pleasantly surprised at how low taxes are (headline-similar, but much better allowances at lower pay rates). The “rock of gold and coal the size of America with the population of southeast England” question does arise, though.

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