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It could be that the way to make Keynesianism work is to make sure the politicians don\’t get to decide how the fiscal stimulus is spent.

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  1. Tim’s next post will start,

    “It could be that the way to make a perpetual motion machine work is to…”

    Aggregate statistics are measures, not levers. They are not reversible. You can measure the average albedo of the population, and see it change by adding more Africans and removing Scandinavians. But you can’t reverse that; you can’t change the number of Africans by altering the average skin colour of the people. You can change the wooliness of Wales by adding more sheep. But you can’t change the number of sheep by adding more wool. How hard is this?

  2. Keynesian economics was repudiated even by Keynes himself near the end of his life. Like Marxism it will only work when all of its opponents and detractors are sent to Gulags or the afterlife. It is a false religion, an opiate of the asses.

  3. Andi:

    You’re wrong, even though you’re right. The suppression , even extermination, of dissenters
    did nothing to improve the productivity and standard of living where Marxism prevailed.

    Kruschev said (of the West), “We will bury you.” and leftist sympathizers of that day applauded his “foresight” of the “inevitable” but USSR’s long gone (and Kruschev’s own son is nowadays–and for quite some time–a U.S. citizen).

    Of course, its perpetual apologists simply insist that its policies were ap[plied improperly, i.e., with insufficient coerciveness.

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