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But that ignores the point that offshoring isn\’t where most jobs go to die. It\’s automation. If we push wages up over the cost of doing the same job by a machine then that job will be done by a machine and it\’s got nothing at all to do with offshore or globalisation.

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  1. Pretty well on the money from the unpigeonhole able Worstall.However this is only catching up with Major Douglas and Frederick Soddy (a proper scientist = Nobel Prize winner) who were saying this kind of things between the wars. Douglas believed in giving people an unearned income to buy the stuff machines produced.

    Also people are n’t going to be able to buy machine-produced goods in the UK when so much of their disposable income goes down the Swanee paying for the land under their houses.

  2. do you have some numbers on that? 5 years ago my company had 1200 employees in the UK. now it’s around 200. those jobs went to Hungary china India and Czech republic. the Hungarians are trying to automate to keep their business going to India. theyll probably fail because the investment is too high.

  3. Explain why, with unemployment over 9 percent, there has emerged the phenomenon of self-service frozen yogurt shops.

    That’s basically a non sequitur. During a recession, people have less money and are disinclined to spend it on something they could do themselves. Automats were very popular during the depression, if I recall.

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