We knew Phil, we knew

“I actually don’t like music that much,” Phil Collins admits at the Glenfiddich Mojo Awards. “I don’t really listen to music.

5 thoughts on “We knew Phil, we knew”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well in his defence, he is a drummer.

    So it is not as if he is a real musician or anything.

  2. About a century ago, when popular rhythm music was new, some of its best players were enamoured of music, and not just their own genre either. Bix is a good example. There were others who got fed up with the jazz life,and signed up to play for symphony orchestras. Them wus musicians, eh?

  3. I think you guys are harsh.

    Firstly, the drumming comment applies to pop beat keepers, not expressive jazz musicians of whom drummers are as magical as any other instrument. If anyone wishes to tell me Elvin Jones wasn’t a proper musician I would be happy to call you wildly ignorant.

    Collins, like many others, had a bad 80’s. If one listens to his smacked out efforts with Brand X beforehand one will witness a world class musician, a world class drummer, making music at a very very high level.

    Back in the day, PC had more music in his little finger than any of you. Then he got clean.

  4. Phil Collins is one of the best percussionists in history. It’s just tragic that he took Genesis and broke it.

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