A Cumbrian village was hailed as a vanguard of the \’big society\’, but the projects set up by residents have a much longer history than Cameron\’s idea, writes Peter Hetherington

We\’ve been having projects being set up by residents since long before we had a central state. Whatever the Anglo-Saxon version of a barn raising was wasn\’t ordered by a man in Westminster.

That society pre-existed the State…..well, such an obvious idea that I fail to see why people are all falling about to find that mutual cooperation, that society, does and can exist without the State.

4 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. All socialists believe in a Year Zero, before which society didn’t exist or if it did it was a pastiche of back-street abortions, capitalist exploitation and oppression, slavery, etc.

  2. Be fair, for all you know barn-raising was decreed by the chieftain of the Worstallingas.

    Tim adds: There’s a certain amusement at that. As we all know, many surnames are derived from occupations. There’s a story (a thought perhaps) that “Worstall” is derived from the “man who knows how to build barns”.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Be fair, for all you know barn-raising was decreed by the chieftain of the Worstallingas.”

    Sure, but man is, as some dead Greek guy once said, a political (i.e. social) animal.

    Perhaps some Chief Ur-Stall ordered everyone out to hunt Mammoth, but I doubt it.

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