What a good job for Prince Andrew

The poster boy for feudal Britain has lost his job. It was not before time, but even Prince Andrew\’s departure from his role as the UK\’s special trade envoy was cloaked in the muted deference that characterises so much of the coverage of the royal family.

The palace stated only that he would \”undertake trade engagements if requested\” but those in the know say his job is no more. Lord Digby Jones, the former CBI leader and junior trade minister in the last Labour government claimed on Thursday that the prince\’s new role would be \”working with apprenticeships and young people in Britain to get them skilled up to make stuff that the UK can sell around the world … let\’s see what he can do to act, to create some profit, employ some people, pay some tax.\”

He\’s been serving a, what, 50 year apprenticeship himself?

2 thoughts on “What a good job for Prince Andrew”

  1. “He’s been serving a, what, 50 year apprenticeship himself?”

    … and has almost no chance of getting the job at the end of it.

    That makes him a perfect role model for government employment schemes.

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