What a great idea

What would you think about a helmet law that said that registered donors don’t have to wear helmets?

Yes, there\’s some joy to that.

5 thoughts on “What a great idea”

  1. What if all motoring accident medical bills were picked up by insurers. The premiums would reflect the risk. Though I suppose it’s possible insurers would prefer instant death over long term medical probes?

  2. I often used to smoke my pipe when I motorcycled. My first helmet resembled a deerstalker. And so it was that I was once addressed as “Sherlock fucking Holmes”.

  3. Or as Stephen Fry’s cousin, the doctor, once said to him: “Do you know what we call motorcyclists in New York, Stephen? Donors”

  4. Certainly that not wearing a helmet = consent to donation.

    I recall the helmetless kids on scooters I saw in Beirut last year weaving in and out of anarchic traffic texting with one hand. It must be good to be immortal.

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