What a weird thought

So when I read about Jenni Murray’s second thoughts about accepting her DBE – “becoming a traitor to my class by rushing headlong into the bosom of the Establishment”

In what way does having presented Women\’s Hour for 24 years not put you at the heart of the establishment anyway?

8 thoughts on “What a weird thought”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    See – you got it. She is talking about “the Establishment” – a figment of her political consciousness and one of which the nice, cuddly, lefty, almost vegan, carbon neutral, not commercial at all BBC could never be part of.

    You are talking about “the establishment” – the established order, of which the national, tax-funded broadcaster has clearly been part since its founding.

    Capital letters are very important (unless you’re e e cummings, of course.)

  2. Surreptitious Evil

    Oh, just in case Arnald is about – the last comment – the bit in brackets – is irony.

    Capital letters or, at least, the unconventional use of style – of which the capital letters are the most obvious example to people ignorant of grammar – were clearly important to Edward.

  3. It is essential to their own sense of identity to perceive themselves as radical outsiders, revolutionaries, the common folk against the aristos. They cannot dare admit to themselves that they are the current ruling class, despite the obviousness of this being undeniable to any reasonable person.

    Leftism is an ideology of continual revolution, whether it be in the general or specific causes (e.g. Greenism, Feminism). As such it is impossible to ever admit having won, or even to have made any progress towards winning.

  4. Yes, the ‘establishment’ of tbeir imagination is one of choleric colonels, bishops, “hang ’em and flog ’em” judges, masonic chief constables and Tory squires running everything.

    Evrn if that version ever existed it disappeared 30 years ago. She is undisputably part of the Establishment, right at the heart of it.

  5. If you have ever drunk a glass of indifferent Chardonnay in a room with an echo in the company of a large number of thinly-bearded men wearing a jacket but no tie (and a large number of poorly made-up middle-aged women in regrettable pinafore dresses), you have forfeited your right to call yourself ‘anti-Establishment’. A sure sign of cod-radicalism is to take the perfectly respectable monicker your parents saw fit to bestow upon you and chop it off at the knees, viz. Jenni, rather than Jennifer (or even Jenny.) This finds its apotheosis in the detestable Dame ‘Suzi’ Leather, who with a name like that should have found no more public adulation than any of the other women touting their wares in phone booths outside King’s Cross station.

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