What an absolutely fascinating argument from the Murphmeister

The truth is simple: we cannot afford competition in basic services: as I pointed out that means we have to pay for ex ess wasted capacity instead of the best full capacity.

There\’s so much wrong with it\’s difficult to know where to start.

Every health care system will always have excess capacity most of the time. For we have, at the very least, this thing called \”winter\” which brings with it flu epidemics.

We can\’t know whether we\’ve got \”best\” unless we\’ve got something to compare it with. Meaning that there must be a competitive system to measure against.

You\’re invited to add your own corretions in the comments.

10 thoughts on “What an absolutely fascinating argument from the Murphmeister”

  1. “You’re invited to add your own corretions in the comments.”

    That’ll keep him busy deleting them.

  2. “We cannot afford competition in basic services…”

    FFS! When will this end? What really frightens me about this idiot is that he has a vote. And it cancels out mine.

    And where’s Arnald?

  3. “corretions”?

    This Murphy mistake made me snigger childishly:

    “why would you wish to deny the bankers a chance to profit at pubic expenses, again?”

  4. The cognitive dissonance of the Left always amuses me. They complain that the market tends towards “monopoly”, then they also complain about “wasteful competition”.

    I do wish they’d make up their minds.

  5. Question is, is he too thick to realise the problems with what he says, or does he know it’s nonsense but says it anyway because he’s being paid by the public sector unions?

  6. Surreptitious Evil

    I think Richard is saying that if he is too thick to realise he is wrong, he at least gets a let on the charge of being a howling hypocrite.

    But as we know he is a howling hypocrite – his previous business and his own tax affairs so, meh.

  7. Any idea that efficiency can be improved by eliminating competition and the associated wasteful excess capacity was tested to destruction by the Soviet Union and its imitators.

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