What fun at Ritchie\’s place!

Yesterday we published a blog entitled “Murdoch: when it comes to taxes, instead of rendering unto Caesar, Murdoch has Caesar rendering unto him.”


It was based on some reporting, done in good faith, by David Cay Johnston, one of the U.S.’ top tax reporters and a Pulitzer prize winner. It was published by Reuters.
We now understand that the original story was wrong, so we have withdrawn the blog. As we understand it, this is his first retraction in a 45-year career.
Yes, that original report was wrong.
He read positive numbers as being negative and vice versa.
News Corp’s filings show the company changed reporting conventions in its 2007 annual report when it reversed the way it showed positive and negative numbers.
Guess who else got caught?
@nickshaxson Nicholas Shaxson
@GeorgeMonbiot Did you see that Murdoch has been paying a MINUS 46 percent tax rate? Reuters: reut.rs/ppwOT5
Remember, these are the \”tax experts\” who have the plan to change the entire financial system.

4 thoughts on “What fun at Ritchie\’s place!”

  1. And will Ritchie retract his item? No. The point is that even though it’s wrong, his followers will believe it right. When you are on the losing end of an argument the best thing is to get your statement out first and fast and spread it wide. It doesn’t matter if a clarification comes in later, you’ve still got your message out. It’s hard to remove information from the internet.

    And that’s the aim. To further wind up to a frenzy his followers who believe that he does no wrong – well he is a Christian so he can’t lie can he.

  2. Their excuse is that News Corp “reversed the way it showed positive and negative numbers”.

    That sounds odd to me. Are they claiming that News Corp uses a minus sign to show positives? Or puts positives in brackets?

  3. “Reporter makes honest mistake; people believe report; reporter retracts honest mistake”. Why exactly is this being treated as A Thing, rather than Something Which Happens To All Media Organisations All The Time?

    Richard – no, the claim is that they moved from putting costs in brackets to not putting them in brackets. Can’t quite work out where this is supposed to have happened, as News’s 10Ks are consistent between 2006-2008.

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