What\’s wrong with the East Coast?

The whole of the east coast and the rust belt are vast, shocking landscapes to which many Americans seem oblivious.


OK, large parts of US Route 1 are not exactly easy on the eye but the entire 1,500 mile strip is some ecological armageddon? The Georgia or Carolinas coasts? Chesapeake Bay? Northern New Jersey ain\’t all that pretty but the south is just fine.

What is she on about?

6 thoughts on “What\’s wrong with the East Coast?”

  1. From the article: “This is a society which has lived not just beyond its economic means but beyond its environmental ones too as the hundreds of miles of abandoned buildings, abandoned cars, and endless highways bear witness to.”

    I wonder if the author would object to right-sizing of towns and cities.

    I also wonder if she was listening to federal politicos or more local ones.

    I am puzzled by this claim: “Austerity is associated with personal changes which benefited society and made sense to people who learned to tackle wastefulness, to “make do and mend”.”

    It’s not really. Ms Coward’s attempts to purloin austerity for the green agenda won’t wash with me, not least because much of what they advocate is more expensive. It becomes even more repugnant when she suggests there is a”need for prosperous people to change their ways”.

  2. Evidently Ms Coward spent some 5 months at an unnamed American univeristy and has access to the internet for pics of abandoned Detroit factories. The one in her article is that of an auto industry company who dissolved in the ’50’s.
    I seriously doubt that she has seen much of the East Coast of the USA, let alone much of the “Rust Belt”. Much of the abandoned industrial sites in the Pa-Oh-In-Mi-Il-Wi areas are reverting to open spaces, especially in Pa and Oh. Detroit also, but that will take much longer due to local conditions. Cleveland and Toledo as well.
    She may be correct that the esay credit for morgages and their subsequent collapse was the initial cause of the current debt crisis but the intensity was caused by the “Stimulus” spending that followed combined with the effect of health care legislation on employment, an avalance of new federal regs, blocking oil and gas exploration, etc. But, this just brought the USA debt and future entitlement spending to the forefront sooner. Deficits forecast far into the future with government spending consuming an ever-increasing portion of GDP with reduced revenue made it inevitable.
    Just how the woman thinks a poorer society is going to afford the environmental efforts she evidently envisions is unknown. Neither can such support rising entitlements.

  3. To justify my name again — why is it that people nowadays say “oblivious” when they mean “unaware”?

  4. Last time I took a train NY to Fla I seemed to be passing one coast-long trailer park.

    Alan Douglas

  5. Alan (#5), could that possibly be because “trailer parks” tend to use cheap land next to railways, where no-one else wants to live?

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