Willy today

The Competition Commission never looks at competition in dynamic terms – inquiring, say, what the market will look like in 2015. Instead, Plod-like, it will observe that in 2011 the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 provide a competitive TV market, so all is well. British institutional shareholders are legendary in world financial markets for their venality and carelessness about their ownership responsibilities; they will always sell to the highest bidder – attitudes enshrined in corporate law. There are no laws requiring diverse media ownership or limiting media concentration.

If there are no laws limiting media concentration then what in \’eck is it that the Competition Commission is looking at when it considers the competitiveness or not of the media market?


2 thoughts on “Willy today”

  1. How can the competition commission look at what the competition will be in 2015 – does it have a crystal ball. That long in the future anything could happen.

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