A letter to the Guardian: that they actually printed

There\’s obviously a mischievous mind or two on The Guardian\’s letter page.

• The idea of a People\’s Jury certainly has merit, but there is a risk of the creation of a new, publicly paid secretariat producing comfortable sinecures for its proponents. So might I make a suggestion that would completely eliminate any lingering suspicion among those possibly ill-disposed to the idea?

No one who has signed the letter, no one proposing this possibly desirable exercise, may take a paid position if and as the People\’s Jury is created. Not in the secretariat, not in preparing evidence for the jury, not in presenting evidence to the jury, not in the preparation of research. No salary, expenses, research grants, nor even consideration for a public honour. All of the signatories will immediately agree to this restriction, as they are purely motivated by their sense of public duty. Similarly, all supporters will be willing to donate their expertise without payment as they will also be motivated by a sense of public duty.

I am sure that with this one minor, even trivial, addition to the call to action that the support base will widen considerably.

Tim Worstall

Fellow, Adam Smith Institute

They edited out my last line which was that if they did agree to add this to their call then I would sign up to it too. As I would.

So, over to those looking for the research contracts to tell us why this shouldn\’t happen.

1 thought on “A letter to the Guardian: that they actually printed”

  1. Over at Ritchie’s place in the comments, one commenter (whom Ritchie seems to endorse) seems to assume participation in this thing would be COMPULSORY.

    Yikes! This changes the flavour of the whole idea.

    I had assumed that this thing had to be voluntary (and therefore would only attract more politicians), but I was wrong! Nope, we can be dragged away from our families and our jobs against our will.

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