An opportunity to bring out a very old joke indeed

So Doris Day has a new album out.

One most ungallant gentleman once quipped that he was so old that he knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.

I\’ll let the older readers explain that one to the younger……

4 thoughts on “An opportunity to bring out a very old joke indeed”

  1. That was Bob Hope, I believe.

    There are few finer versions of ‘Stardust’ than Doris Day’s. She once helped me to persuade a very prickly union rep to co-operate, when it turned out that she and I were both fans.

  2. It’s also been attributed to Oscar Levant, who also memorably observed “So little time, and so little to do”.

  3. OK, I’m officially old: I’ve wanted to shag Doris Day for about three point five decades now. Still would.

    And Churm. R.: I scent your dastardly trail, and I dog it, sir. You dangle your trace in the dust thus, sir? So be it. Somewhere I have 20 gross of business cards printed up in the name of ‘Scorpion de Rooftrouser’ and another lot in the name of ‘Sophus Barkayo-Tong’ (and they was done posh intaglio so you owes me at least a couple of tons – sterling, none of yer soft Euro muck, that won’t wash.)

    Damn you Sir, for blackguarding my market! A reckoning awaits.

  4. @ David Gillies: You have me, sir, you have me, though the beard is greying now. Yours, Churm Rincewind, c/o Hotel McGurgle et de l’Univers.

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