And the old shall become new again

Entrepreneur Joe Cohen explains why he’s backing Devcamp, a series of summer workshops designed to give East London students from disadvantaged backgrounds the skills to compete in a digital economy.

Can\’t see any reason why it shouldn\’t work and plenty of reasons why it should.

We\’re talking about exactly the same recruiting ground that The City has always used. It wasn\’t all that long ago, certainly within my lifetime, that most of the work was done and most of the money made by those whose alternative careers would have been black cab driving or working on the docks.

The aristos and the Oxbridge types were simply there to provide a nice accent for the clients: to know which wine to order with what lunch.

There will be, among those \”disadvantaged backgrounds\” those who have been coding their toys since they were 6, just like there are in every other sector of society.

Hire them, why not?

1 thought on “And the old shall become new again”

  1. If they haven’t stolen all the computers by then and the building is still standing, sounds like a great idea.

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