Anyone know the wholesale markets for sun creams?

Long story but…..I\’d be interested in buying a few cases of sun cream (various factors, kiddies and adults) if anyone could tell me where to get some no name but acceptable quality stuff.

I can see the Nivea\’s etc all over the place in the UK for £10 a bottle…..I\’m hoping that there\’s some no namer out there at £1 a bottle…..any ideas?


11 thoughts on “Anyone know the wholesale markets for sun creams?”

  1. You can get it in 1 litre bags for around £30 (maybe plus VAT) from janitorial suppliers. Deb Deflect SPF 30 is one such product.

    There is also this site aimed mostly at schools:

  2. “There is surely nothing wrong with the market price?”

    Err, there isn’t, Tim’s just trying to establish it.

    But then, I’m sure you knew that and just wanted to try and come off as smart.

    As opposed to the cunt you actually come off as.

  3. Take care, with some types the SPF factor degrades with time. My wife says it’s only good for a year. We go through a lot of it down here…

    I hear the bloke who developed the Cervical Cancer vaccine reckons he’ll have a skin cancer version out next year; 2012

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