Arrest the Libertarians!

What I was saying was that libertarians threaten the state at potential massive cost to most in society – and that the police have got it completely wrong to think anarchists are the big threat to society

Guess Who?

14 thoughts on “Arrest the Libertarians!”

  1. His felloew socialist scum murder 150 million people but Libertarians are the big danger?.

    He is a very evil, arrogant buffoon.

  2. I always had a lingering suspicion that I was being a bit over the top in accusing all Leftists of being the same as Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot (being ultimately prepared to use force to create their socialist paradise) but this sort of statement shows me that I wasn’t wrong.

    Am I the only one who finds this very chilling?

  3. Bound to be the author of “The Courageous State”

    I can’t find the exact quote, but in his blog entry for July 31 2011 he is quoting Sunny Hundal.

    He does not seem to realise that the state has killed far more people in the last century than plain ordinary low-level murderers.

    As an anarcho-capitalist libertarian, go ahead, arrest me. I’m bound to have broken one of your million laws.

  4. Had the State not been so leviathan so many people would not be at risk of being disadvantaged. It is the State that has made those people vulnerable.

  5. Would it be the same man who also wants an inquiry into “Policing and public interest” to hold people to account?

  6. You have a time machine that will only go back to the 19th century. You have a revolver with one bullet.

    Who do you kill?:
    1. The baby Adolf Hitler.
    2. Kropotkin.
    3. Karl Marx.
    4. Frederick Hayek.

    Which choice will save the most lives?

  7. Stuck – Record.
    None of the above, I’d go for Archduke Ferdinand, if he’d died when young he couldn’t have been killed at Sarajevo, so no First World War, no Russian Revolution, no Nazi putsch. Not bad for one bullet.

  8. Tim,

    The brainless mouth-farting of the assorted glazed-eyed, slack-jawed (one is almost tempted to write ‘mouth-breathing’) mouth-farters who have posted above notwithstanding, one has to say that both your and their assessments of what Mr. Murphy has written are overblown.

    I happen to agree with Mr. Murphy on this one. Libertarianism is one of the most pernicious ideologies out there. Its adherents seem to believe that the only liberties worth protecting are those they imagine themselves to have. If you or they were ever to get round to, you know, actually reading Eric Hobsbawm instead of just criticising him, you would know that his sources include what is called ‘The McKechnie Monograph’, an academic legal paper from 1905 which posits that the barons of Magna Carta were not in the least interested in the peoples’ liberty, but in what they considered to be their ‘liberties’, such as ‘droit de seigneur’. Having read that, it was very enlightening to read Adam Zamoyski’s ”Poland’, and seeing that the ‘zlachta’ had an identical to approach to the pursuit of liberty as the Magna Carta barons (and for the avoidance of doubt, I am Scottish and yes, precisely the same criticisms have been made of the signatories to the Declaration of Arbroath).

    Now that attempt at even-handedness will no doubt produce the most juvenile kind of Scotophobic scream from commentors wanting to announce their inferiority complexes by calling themsleves ‘Athelstan’, in the grand style of ‘Private Eye’s ‘From the Message Boards’. However, such comment wouldn’t dent the historic ideological link between the self-interested barons of the early second millenium and the self-interested libertarians of the early third. Their thinking is identical in every respect. That means that libertarian philosophy is not new and exciting, but is instead very old and stale; more stale than last month’s unwashed shorts.

    And on the basis of what you’ve posted, it’s hard to see how Mr. Murphy could be thought to be calling for anyone’s arrest. I suppose one of the privileges of libertarianism is seing what you want to see, whether it’s there or not.

    You know, I’d love, really love, to be a taxman on the tail of a libertarian. I would hunt them hight and low, over land and water, to try to take what they think is theirs from them. And I pay
    for the privilege of being able to do it.

  9. Strange how @ 13 Martin seems to be coming down firmly on the side of the divine right of kings.

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