Dear God Almighty, wonders will never cease


At an Ad Agency?

Doing something useful? Moral even?

Chip in folks, chip in.

8 thoughts on “Dear God Almighty, wonders will never cease”

  1. Looks like a bandwagon.

    I hope it’s real. I think it is, and have plonked a bit in His Grace’s collection plate; I trust him (Cranmer), but I hope this isn’t another Craig Shergold in the making.

    (Anyone else around here old enough to remember that one?)

  2. Andrew: yup, f’sure. Cowen and BBH are both people or organisations, known under their real names, doing media interviews under their real names, who’ll really go to real jail if this is a fraud.

    I’ve no idea whether Cranmer’s identifiable as a real-life person or not, as I can’t stand him and avoid reading him unless his pieces are being discussed elsewhere, but it’d be a ridiculously bizarre and long-game fraud if he were to steal the money now and disappear.

    Scepticism is good; cynicism is excessive.

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