English divorce law becoming more Scottish?

\”I thee with my dosh endow\” seems to be slightly going by the wayside doesn\’t it?

A wife is not entitled to a £7 million share of her husband’s £24 million fortune after 25 years of marriage because he inherited it from his father, a divorce judge has ruled.

I seem to remember that Scottish divorce law has always said this, that it\’s only the jointly acquired or earned dosh that gets split. Whatever was brought into the marriage stays with whoever brought it in.

Always sounded eminently sensible too.

A few years back when I mentioned this one reader wrote in to say that an awful lot of Royal Navy bods would take advantage of this. The divorce rate among submariners would peak at around and about the time of a posting to Faslane to work on the nuclear boats.

No, not because living in Scotland was such a shock that divorce was neessary but because the financial incentives to divorce while resident in Scotland were different.

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