Evening Standard letters page.

I had a letter in the Evening Standard yesterday.

And I can I find their letters page? Can I buggery.

Do they actually put it online?

7 thoughts on “Evening Standard letters page.”

  1. Jack beat me to it. Yes, the Standard e-edition is the way to go (top right corner): the search on their main website is rubbish. Your letter is in ydy’s edition on page 39, under a lovely picture of Brian Sewell relaxing with his rather scary alsatian.

  2. “What is the “Evening Standard”?
    What happens when a capital’s newspaper gets taken over by the ‘trendies’ & reports on a city that few of its residents recognise.

  3. How close was what was printed compared to what you sent to them? I had a letter published in the ES many moons ago in response to a particularly ignorant Yasmin Alibhai-Brown column and although my key points remained, the actual text of the letter was completely rewritten.

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