Hazel Blears

Hazel Blears on Sky News –

\”People needs to ask, why weren\’t these kids at school?\”

er…middle of the summer holidays


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  1. And, pretty much, it was the evenings, yes? Some early stuff kicked off 5pm-ish, but most schools knock off around 4?

  2. I think the poor moppet was referring to their being not in school more generally.

    What she and fellow statists overlook is that for a lot of teenagers, school holds no interest for them. That is why raising the compulsory school attendance age to 18 or whatever is so barking mad. All that does is encourage a generation of teenagers who are bored senseless by school and who will disrupt the education of others who want to learn.

    Far better to go for a lower leaving age, cut NI insurance etc to make it easier for firms to take on apprentices, liberalise labour laws, etc.

    It goes without saying that a numpty like Blears would oppose everything I have said.

  3. If they ever spend a moment of their holidays actually in the school, that means only one thing: They are in there burning it down.

    I don’t think we needed Blears planting the seed of that idea in their minds at this point. I wish she could have come out with something more helpful, like maybe “Why aren’t all these kids out playing on the railway line…”

  4. I think a bigger question is why Ms Blears appears to be modelling her new ‘look’ (previously Ginger Munchkin) on Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter?

    The only think she’s missing is a pink suit and lots of pictures of cats.

  5. Jean Shepherd had a line in one of his books to the effect,
    “when we graduated we all went looking for jobs, but the drop-outs already had all of the good ones”.
    Or maybe from Bill Cosby?
    And in those days it was somewhat true.

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