I dunno, maybe Americans can do irony?

Obama has made some mistakes, to be sure, but at least he ended the wars and has the government on a sound financial footing.

7 thoughts on “I dunno, maybe Americans can do irony?”

  1. Wow, or ignorance. Issues still involved with:

    Biggest debt ever…check
    Biggest government spending…check
    Debt crisis continuing…check

  2. Ouch. That was caustic enough that my monitor started bubbling over the point where Tim Lynch wrote that. Bravo, Mr Lynch.

    It’s never just been Yanks, though. Most people are thick as fuck. 99% of the world thinks ‘irony’ means ‘made out of iron’.

  3. I’m gong with irony or parody. He’s writing for CATO.

    Is there a corollary to Poe’s law about liberal/progressive parody?

  4. It is hard to tell, I mean, if it’s irony it is done with a very straight face. I suppose if he was a Democrat we’d be pretty sure that he meant it, but as he’s writing at Cato, I guess I’d have to go with the “tongue planted firmly in check” as a real possibility.

  5. But, then, sea level has stopped rising and he’s made a good start on bankrupting the coal companies.

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