I nominate Richard Murphy!

Left Foot Forward is having an awards thingummybob.

We are now taking nominations for the title of the most influential left-wing thinker of 2011. You can send in your nomination by emailing us at [email protected] and putting “Nomination:” followed by the name of the person you wish to nominate. If you would like to argue for your nomination, please send a 150-250 word article in support, which we’ll look to run over August. They don’t necessarily:

* Have to be left-wing in a conventional sense
* Need to be someone whose views you personally agree with
* Widely perceived to be ‘political’

Along with Green Benches, I\’ve sent in mine. My little article reading:

\”Man\’s a complete loon, knows nothing at all about economics, yet poses as one who knows how to solve our economic problems. The Murphmeister believes in the Magic Money Tree, that ability of government to simply spend whatever it wants and not have to think about the effect upon the people it extracts the spending from. The BBC has the know nothing on all the time which is about par for the course. Finally, he subsists off grants from the Joseph Rowntree folks, is by his own standards a tax abuser and, if we are to be frank about this, he\’s a hack for hire, writing reports which quite amazingly happen to recommend what is in the interests of those who hire him.

Yes, I strongly recommend, along with Green Benches, Richard Murphy as \”most influential left-wing thinker of the year 2011\”.

There ain\’t no one better out there who represents modern British leftism.\”

No, really, this is one I\’d like the Murph to win.

As my ancestors in Northern Ireland said, vote early, vote often.


7 thoughts on “I nominate Richard Murphy!”

  1. Green Benches isn’t another of his sites, is it?

    As my old English teacher used to say, “volume isn’t quality”, and he didn’t know Mr. Murphy.

  2. Is he that influential? I shidder to think so, yet the man still makes a crust penning his bottomless fuckwittery, so I may be forced, reluctantly, to concur.

    The problem with Richard Murphy, au fond, is that he thinks the world would be a better place if it were run by people like Richard Murphy. Actually it’s entirely possible, given the man’s utterly untrammelled vanity that he thinks it would be a better place if if were run by Richard Murphy. Where he makes his bloomer is in ignoring the fact that genuine, verifiable human beings recoil from the phrase ‘run by’ in connection with the word ‘world’.

    He is cunto de tutti cunti, and should be boiled.

  3. Oh dear.
    Look who’s losing the intellectual battle.
    Fuckwits like you suit the tabloids. No answers, no imagination. No future.
    Just twattish “mind-gargling”.
    Honestly, stay put, peddling your ‘essentials’. pah.

  4. Arnald is just Murphy’s sock puppet. He’s a know-nothing troll who wishes he got blow-jobs from the TUC like Murphy does. Fuck ‘im.

  5. David Gillies.
    Youch! You’re on fire! Such piercing originality from a failed soul. I never knew it could happen…

    You have no idea…

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