Late Summer Funtime: Ragging on Ritchie

So, there\’s copious amounts of material for you to choose from on this blog, under the \”ragging on ritchie\” section.

Which are your favourite pieces?

Obviously, there\’s the Ritchie using the tax structures he himself condems as abuse. But other than that, your favourites in the comments please.

12 thoughts on “Late Summer Funtime: Ragging on Ritchie”

  1. Tax Justice Network (of which he is a director) using Switzerland to host their website.

    As I have said before. I hope they find a way of giving the countries they are based in some of that lost VAT.

  2. There’s Murphy arguing that the UK should have pushed for the revision of the EU savings directive to deal with tax evasion in Switzerland, and then arguing a couple of days later (or earlier) that the UK should leave the EU.

  3. The best one has to be the nationalisation one. A retired accountant apparently can’t tell the difference between assets and liabilities. Priceless.

  4. Modifying his “tax gap” estimate from £120bn to £95bn because it finally dawned on him (as we’d been pointing out for months) that tax unpaid at year-end isn’t really part of the tax gap.

    [And, even if you’re stupid enough to think that it is, you can only collect it once]

  5. Easy – that guy (Noel?) ripping him a new one by exposing the whole Trivial Pursuits/Cayman Island tax dodge and reminding him of his old ‘how to dodge tax’ articles.

    As I remember, Righteous Murphy justified it by suggesting they should really be thought of as ‘how to dodge tax so we know what loopholes to close’ articles and he has his road to Damascus moment after the proceeds of his own tax abuse were safely in the bank.

  6. At election time, proudly announcing he’d voted LIbDem as they were the most left wing party and waking up to find they’d formed a Coalition with the Tories

  7. So many, mainly examples of being a hypocrite, but top 3:

    3. Admitting setting up a company in Ireland for purely tax purposes, then sitting in front of a Commons Select Committee bemoaning the tax rate there and never saying he’d taken advantage of it.

    2. His home office being in his self contained annexe, that isn’t separately council tax rated or paying business rates (‘cos it’s full of train sets and gardening stuff, honest!)

    1. Telling me Zug is a tax haven because the ratio of residents to companies is 1:1.15, whereas his home address has a ratio of companies/partnerships to residents of at least 2:1 (4:1 if adults only counted).

  8. My favourite piece was him reporting to the Manx police that he was being threatened with being “taken out”. He really doesn’t have a very accurate view of his level of importance…

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