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Lemonade Freedom Day

I wonder if a certain female police officer is going to find herself charged with damaging equipment? Assault even?

7 thoughts on “Lemonade Freedom Day”

  1. It’s good news in a way. I’m delighted, and not a little surprised, that there is so little real crime in Washington that law enforcement effort can be directed to this important task. Scope for saving taxpayer dollars by cutting police numbers?

  2. As Alex says, the fact that so many officers can be spared for a small misdemeanour is great news indeed in a city that used to have so many problems.

    Next Week, 30 police officers arrest a man for putting his rubbish bin out too early.

    I hope El Presidente Rompey doesn’t see this video, he will press for the USA to join the EU

  3. shots of chicks being cuffed by big uniformed cops is always going to be good media – photographer should have got the short skirts into the “money shots” for maximum impact.

  4. They didn’t seem to be the DC police but “The United States Capitol Police … a federal police force charged with protecting the United States Congress within the District of Columbia …”. They are, as our own dear looters would call them, the feds.

    The youngsters wanted to be arrested photogenically and got their way; the policewoman was being a plonker, though.

  5. The kids in question will almost certainly be released on their own recognisance rather than be charged with anything more serious, which in its small corrosive way is almost worse (it’s a tacit acknowledgement they were doing nothing wrong, but being arrested and held without charge is still a major breach of liberty, and no day in court to plead your case.) “No victim, no crime!” shouts one of the guys as the girls are being taken away by the goons. Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine iniuria: that is a bedrock of Common Law. The female cop needs to be heavily punished. I hope this goes viral.

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