Mary Riddell\’s nonsense

Lordy, she does ladle it out, doesn\’t she?

Meanwhile, the view is gaining ground that social democracy, with its safety nets, its costly education and health care for all, is unsustainable in the bleak times ahead. The reality is that it is the only solution.

Really? Amazingly, no one at all is suggesting that either health care or education, free at the point of consumption, should change: not that part of it at least. But more importantly:

any more than our deskilled, demotivated, under-educated non-workforce is simply a blot on the national balance sheet.

Given that the baby eaters have only been in government for what, 14, 15 months, it\’s very difficult indeed to blame them for that under-educated workforce. Their illiteracy and mal-education is to be laid firmly at the feet of those running the social democracy you demand more of.

I agree that the education system for the lumpenproletariat is fucked: that\’s why so much effort is going into unfucking it you silly cow.

6 thoughts on “Mary Riddell\’s nonsense”

  1. Its as if 13 years of socialist government never happened. All the ills of society can be blamed on a) the evil Tories from 1979-97, and b) the evil Tories from May 2010 onwards. Anything that was done in the 13 years in between either was a) wonderful, or b) (if not wonderful) well meant, and therefore not to blame for anything.

    What else do you expect? The Left has spent decades removing the concept of personal responsibility from the citizenry – do you really think they are going to accept any blame for what they have done themselves while in power?

  2. I admire your ability and sheer guts for being able to wade through the total tosh this silly cow writes.

    She is the reason the DT lost my custom.

    Alan Douglas

  3. Riddell’s on the ‘Jeremy Vine’ show today, getting verbally taken apart by a youth worker, who is quite clear that her sort of soft-left handwringing isn’t the answer…

  4. I think the most stinging condemnation of Mary Riddell’s DT column is her taking the slot over from Denis MacShane was a change for the worse.

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