Near naked female volleyball players

Well, it had to be Julie Bindel whining about it, didn\’t it?

The British women\’s beach volleyball team\’s new design of, ahem, kit, reveals more than the fact that women\’s sport is still not taken seriously. Looking like extras on the set of Baywatch, the team, spotted this week on London\’s Horse Guards Parade \”warm-up\” before the Olympics, wore less material between them than you would expect on a size 14 M&S T-shirt.


As one commentator put it, women wear beachwear to play beach sport.

But there\’s more to it than just that.


Female athletes have been wearing female athlete\’s clothing for some time now.

17 thoughts on “Near naked female volleyball players”

  1. Well, you’ve got to remember that La Bindel is a “lesbian” rather than a lesbian; that is a repressed heterosexual, so anything to do with the human body at all just makes her feel ill and confused.

  2. Yet men’s shorts get baggier. sigh This is one area of life where I think some more laws enforcing equality would be nice.

  3. Has she ever tried running (or jumping, or anything energetic) in “modest atire”? Sounds unlikely.
    I wear short shorts and a singlet- not in the hope of attracting female attention, but rather in the hope of avoiding dehydration.

  4. But is beach volleyball a sport that should be taken seriously anyway?

    Didn’t I read something about them putting adverts on the players’ bottoms, assuming that the audience wouldn’t be looking anywhere else?

  5. Pat (#4), a good rule of thumb is that if you can’t do it whilst wearing a tie, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

  6. Pat – how do you explain the development of men’s professional athletic clothing then? (Excepting your good self, and I do appreciate your efforts to set a good example to the rest of your gender.]

  7. Different clothes for different kinds of sports. Running, volleyball, swimming, tennis etc. – highly aerobic non-contact sports – benefit from tighter-fitting clothing, so that is what athletes of both sexes wear (men’s volleyball, sadly, doesn’t leave much to the imagination either, and doesn’t anyone remember Linford Christie?) Football, rugby, hockey – rough contact sports – benefit from looser fitting clothing so, to the extent women play these sports (and the fact they don’t as much explains part of the dichotomy) they are dressed like the blokes. Bat games like cricket and baseball are intermediate. I would have thought this was a GOTBO.

    There may be an element of titillation in women’s beach volleyball, but I’ve been told at the high end it’s a ferociously difficult sport.

    Still, one would hardly expect Julie Bindel to make any sense, now would we?

  8. The reason blindel wants other women to look less attractive is to make her more attractive.

    You can put lipstick on a swamp donkey……..

  9. David Gillies – your theory doesn’t account for why women’s beach volleyball is played in bikins, while men’s beach volleyball is so often played in loose baggy shorts and singlets. A quick Google Image search shows this, there are a few honourable exceptions amongst the men, but the overall tendency is clear.

  10. @ David Gillies
    Long- and medium-distance running is aerobic and so are football, rugby and hockey – which latter is NOT a contact sport (perhaps you mean ice hockey). Sprinting is anaerobic. Streamlining is more helpful for sprinters than aerobic runners, for whom overtight-fitting clothing, such as elastic-topped socks can cause cramp if worn for a long period.
    Perhaps you are thinking about aerodynamics, where the fit of the clothing would be relevant?

  11. Then you weren’t playing hockey! Even obstructing a player is a foul.
    If you are using an English-oriented website, you should use English.

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