No, Mr. Kettle, not satire but truth telling

And what is Hislop\’s principal message? Week in and week out, it is that most pretty much all politicians are corrupt, deluded, incompetent, second-rate and hypocritical.

Seriously, in a world that contains John Gummer, Tim Yeo and Chris Huhne, to mention just those on the current Coalition side on matters climate change, who could argue with this?

If all politicians are useless, then all government is useless, all authority is useless, and probably all sense of collective improvement is useless too. Ultimately, this view of politicians embodies a profoundly despairing individualist view of human affairs.

Quite correct, the major and killer argument against all and any form of collectivist politics is that, by definition, all politicians are useless, incompetent, self-interested cunts. Nobel prizes have been awarded for this insight although James Buchanan didn\’t use quite the same phrasing.

It is an infortunate fact that we do need government: there are some things that must be done and some things that must be done that must be done in a forced collective manner. This necessarily means politics and politicians. But given that they are all cunts we should limit their activities to only those things that both must be done and must be done by government.

Other than that small subset of what politicians currently engage themselves with we should do to them what cunts are actually built for: fuck \’em.

6 thoughts on “No, Mr. Kettle, not satire but truth telling”

  1. “Ultimately, this view of politicians embodies a profoundly despairing individualist view of human affairs.” This is the Guardian, voice of the Left. speaking. Of course from their viewpoint an invidualistic view is profoundly despairing. Small government and people freed to do what they wish is the ultimate evil. Would you genuinely expect any other view to be had?

  2. Fair enough, except that Martin Kettle is completely wrong. Ian Hislop’s views, and the guiding editorial principles of Private Eye, are deeply traditional, reactionary, and conservative. Hislop doesn’t want to change the status quo. He just wants it to work better.

  3. I know they don’t really do logic or reality at the Guardian, but really.

    “If all politicians are useless,…”

    Er, yep. Maybe.

    “…then all government is useless…”

    Really? Ever heard of checks and balances? Accountability? The stuff that is supposed to keep useless or corrupt politicians in check. Take a look at, say, the US constitution (which assumes that all politicians are useless/corrupt), watchdogs, the Judiciary, newspapers and journalists (ha!), pressure groups, referendum, even things like satire or bloggers.

    “…all authority is useless,. …”

    Yeah. Granted they aren’t helped by useless politicians, but are law enforcement, weights and measures, doctors and nurses, street sweepers and teachers, customs and excise and the army all rendered instantly ‘useless’ because Jacqui Smith is an idiot? Aren’t there still good men in an imperfect system?

    “…and probably all sense of collective improvement is useless too.”

    What? Even non-government related ‘collective improvement’ then? Religious or charitable organisations, co-ops, aid work etc..

    Oh dear.

  4. Inculcating in the populace the notion that all politicians – necessarily rather than inadvertently – are lying, cheating, hypocritical, megalomaniacal cunts is a necessary (but, alas, not sufficient) condition of swinging round a majority of the population to say, “well then you can’t have any of my fucking money.”

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