Not quite Ms. Sarler, not quite

She\’s spot on when pointing out that birds do get the opportunity to become famous and \”celebrities\” because they share the bed of someone who is famous. Men do not.


Who to blame, then, for this inequality of expectation? The symbiotic relationship between media and their consumers is obviously part of it, although not purely as tabloid mischief; all the \”quality\” papers similarly conspire to give razzle-dazzle prominence to lively totty who are good at absolutely nothing.

Acshully, we do rather assume that they are good at something. Otherwise, why would men who could have their pick choose them to share their beds?

The point about gaining fame as a horizontale is that one is good as a horizontale.

1 thought on “Not quite Ms. Sarler, not quite”

  1. Hohohoho…

    “Who to blame?”

    God, luv, or the Creator of your choice.

    But do bear in mind, contrary to most expectations, she ain’t listening.

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