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Not so Mr. Cohen, not so

A little schadenfreude on the part of eurosceptics would seem to be in order. It is a measure of the depth of the trouble we are in that there is virtually no gloating at all.


I told you so you fucking fools

3 thoughts on “Not so Mr. Cohen, not so”

  1. Even your piece is more in the spirit of anger than schadenfreude. The point of gloating is that *you’re not gonna be screwed personally by whatever bad outcome you were right in predicting*.

  2. Not interested in gloating anyway. Quiet satisfaction when the EU is utterly destroyed along with all the traitors and scum who have supported and helped it is more like it.

    Possibly dig up Heath’s corpse to hang in disgrace at the door of Parliament.

    Since the Parliament building should be turned into a combined public toilet and Museum of State Atrocities anyway, that won’t be a problem.

  3. On the other hand, it might be that we’re not the sort of twits who enjoy gloating. Some of us spend most of our time earning a living and would rather spend any spare time trying to make the world a better place than gloating over the predictable failures of those who ignored us when we presented reasoned arguments, with examples from post-war history, of the impact of a uniform currency on regions with differing inflation rates, labour productivity, etc etc

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