Price of breakfast soars

Tragic but true:

The rising prices of basic commodities such as wheat, sugar, coffee and vegetable oil – which form the basis of many breakfast foods – have been blamed for the inflation-busting increases.

You\’ll note that three of the four are foods which are used to manufacture biofuels.

Yes, correct. This is collateral damage from the EU and US, idiot, stupid, crass and near murderous insistence that we should be putting food into cars instead of people.

It\’s somewhere between trivial annoyance and a slight decline in lifestyle for us rich people: for the poor out there in the Third World it might actually mean death.

Thanks Greenies.

14 thoughts on “Price of breakfast soars”

  1. its not just the greenies who caused this, indeed it is hardly the greenies at all, they are not in power anywhere – its our rulers everywhere, conservative, labour etc.

  2. @johnny bonk…

    True, it’s our rulers who exercise the power… Unfortunately, as a bunch of complete scientific illiterates, they only take “advice” from the green lobby – thusly we are screwed.

  3. @Pogo – they choose who they listen to, if we had the Wehrmacht baying at us across The Channel they would choose not to listen to the fuckwits they currently choose to listen to.

    I don’t know why they listen to the likes of Porrit and Lucas, something to do with living in peaceful prosperity and thus having nothing better to do.

    Blair and Cameron etc are not stupid (quite the opposite), they can readily tell a nutjob from a sensible expert. In part it is because they choose to be easily led by the media, and the media wants only to celebrate its own power – hence the relentless platform for weirdo greenies etc.

  4. “Blair and Cameron etc are not stupid “: that’s not my impression. Blair always seemed to me to be rather dim. Cameron, to whom I have never warmed, doesn’t seem to be stupid. Mind you, Brown was once a bright young man, and he was our worst ever Chancellor.

  5. Actually only one of these comes close to actually being food as far as I’m concerned and it’s the beverage

  6. ‘The meme you’re looking for here is “less-govt” not “blame-the-greenies”’

    Big Yin, I’m tempted to post this on Delingpole’s blog – I think it may actually lead to you and he being reconciled.

    OK, maybe not…

  7. The problem, as usual, seems to be when genuinely-held but mistaken ideas (in this case, Greenism) find a handy rent-seeking slot in the machinery of government. That is a recipe for disaster. And none of them really gives a stuff about poor people. If Greens really wanted to help they’d be enthusiastic supporters of biotechnology rather than its implacable foe (and I mean implacable: literally, “incapable of being placated”; there is no argument or demonstration that will shift them from their position; no pragma that can counter their dogma. The Jesuits had a term for it – curiously a lesser sin than its counterpart – of invincible ignorance.)

  8. “seems to be when genuinely-held but mistaken ideas (in this case, Greenism)” …. their views are not genuinely held, think more of people paying good money to spend their Saturday chanting threats from a football terrace at the “others”.

    To find out what someone really believes you need to see them in extremis – ie shortage of food or real danger etc etc.

  9. Can you see what you just did there? You highlighted a problem caused by fuel demand and blamed “greenies”. Looking at the website of the Green Party I see this from 2007: “UK Green Party votes for an immediate moratorium on agrofuels from large scale monocultures.”

    I’m not a supporter of the Green Party and I know very little about their policies, but I think I was probably right to suspect that you knew even less.

    Tim adds: I very carefully distinguish between “greenies” and “Greenies”. The latter are members of the political party, the former are ideological ellow travellers. Both Greenpease and Friends of the Earth were in favour of and campaigned for biofuels….before they realised their dreadful mistake and began opposing but by then they’d managed to persuade the politicians to make it law. “greenies” is correct.

  10. Unimportant Quibbler

    To be fair Tim, you did write “Thanks Greenies.”.

    But actually, your point is good. What’s the point of blame Big AgriBiz for the food-for-fuel subsidy? Pretty much every sector at some time sets out a claim that they need some kind of special treatment: a subsidy, a tax break, restrictions on foreign competitors…

    “Let’s get the politicians to stuff our pockets with gold so that our the food we make can be used to propel vehicles” was just a particularly egregious cunning wheeze for a subsidy. Where did Big AgriBiz get that dumb excuse from, and the initial support that made it happen? Answer: the green movement. Big AgriBiz isn’t imaginative enough to come up with an idea so ridiculous themselves, usually they prefer the food mountain or “paid to go fallow” approach.

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