Prisoners paint Jacqui Smith\’s house

Wasn\’t there a Robert Redford film about this sort of thing?

Hiring out prisoners as labour to the local politicians?

Perhaps this is the second episode in the tragedy/farce circuit?

11 thoughts on “Prisoners paint Jacqui Smith\’s house”

  1. Don’t know about Redford, but it’s the plot of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, as I noted when I spotted this.

    Of course, Andy Dufresne is coerced into doing the governor’s taxes. That might hit a little too close to home for dear, dear Jacqui…

  2. “Andy Dufresne is coerced into doing the governor’s taxes”

    No: the key thing he was doing was running the Governor’s books to hide the bribes he was taking NOT to use prison labour.

  3. Unless the jailbirds were volunteers and were paid something approaching the market rate it is called slavery.
    The septics have an extensive corporate socialist empire based on the slave labour of prisoners. Some of the crims are evil scumbags but many have done no more than puff some weed.
    The truly sickening thing here is that the housepainters will be lightweight crims (nobody dangerous) who have probably done nothing as bad as stealing £116,000 and smirking herself free of the consequences.

  4. You’re angry, but I see where you’ve misunderstood this story. You’ve forgotten that Jacqui Smith is a Labour poitician! So all that stuff about morals, guilt, embarrassment, human decency or things like ‘THE LAW’ don’t apply.

    Now, if she was a Conservative with an overdue library book, well, now we’d be talking.

  5. ‘Brubaker’ was guff; liberal nonsense based on the premise that a prison governor would allow himself to go into any establishment disguised as a prisoner.

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