Small crash in Portugal: not many hurt

So, pottering along on my bicycle, 45 km into my planned 50 km potter, starting to go up a hill and rather than changing down gear (for it\’s a short hill) I rise up off the seat to better stand upon and thus turn the pedals and

The next thing I know I\’m sitting on the side of the road with various ouchies.

Bleedin\’ pedal snapped off didn\’t it?


A very nice young couple (since when did 12 year olds have drivers\’ licences? Or am I just getting older?) threw the bike in the back and me in the front and brought me home. Many thanks to them.

No serious damage done.

I was about ready for a new bike anyway: getting fitter and need different gear ratios, different seat, different handlebars as well I think. Maybe I can convince wifie that this is a sign that the whole thing just needs replacing? You know, if one part\’s so stressed that it simply snaps, better to get a brand new one?

10 thoughts on “Small crash in Portugal: not many hurt”

  1. Fell off my bike too about a month ago – a cheap chinese M8 bolt holding the saddle to the seat post gave catastrophically, bike & I parted company (cycling slowly with no hands – mixed blessing since I didn’t end up tangled in the bike or going over sideways, or with the seat post and/or rear wheel up my jacksie), sprained arse, lower back & one wrist.

    So commiserations from a fellow bike-fail-victim.

  2. 50km on a bike? Good God, man, that’s why we invented taxis. Actually, anything beyond about 20 miles and I start thinking about chartering a light aircraft.

  3. No need to get a new bike. You should be able to get replacement (i.e. better) parts. A new pedal should be £5, although you can pay much more, but you can replace the crank, chainset etc for much less than the cost of a new bike.

  4. “Maybe I can convince wifie that this is a sign that the whole thing just needs replacing?”

    You or the bike?

  5. Tim, I can see what sort of advice you are after. As a long practiced cyclist I can assure you that just fixing the existing machine would be a false economy. You should definitely buy a complete new bicycle to make sure that it suits your improving capabilities and to be sure that it is safe.

    Go ahead and just do it (after getting a form of agreement from your wife to at least look at new ones, as that’s usually prudent), then buy what you want. To any objections, just point out all the neat new features ( carbon forks… ultra groupset… 30 -50 front chain rings… etc). It worked for me !

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