Bailey, who earns £1,000 a month at Stockwell Primary School, south London, left court with a newspaper over his face. A headline about “copycat cretins” covering his eyes, he walked into a lamp-post.

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  1. The question is, are these people representative, or did the police bag the easy meat? An 11 year old with a waste paper basket? Hmmm.

  2. They do seem to have picked off the weaker members of the herd, don’t they? Still, 100 arrest warrents to be actioned today, according to a police PR Tweet I just received.

    So, only about 1700 to go…

  3. I think as I said on another thread, the cases getting the most play (the posh girl, the 11yo and the TA) are not representative. Some news sites have got laundry lists of the court cases up, and unsurprisingly most seem to be men aged 16-24 charged with violent disorder.

  4. Yeah Matthew… One suspects that’s largely due to the police’s PC-induced waryness of nicking anyone from an “ethnic minority”.

    As IanB suggests – in a target-rich environment they’ll go for the easy meat.

  5. Isn’t this just an illustration of the type of person you catch, if you don’t arrive and start busting people until a couple of hours after the windows have been smashed and the fires started by the vanguard?

  6. The Guardian is already claiming the lamppost was an undercover police officer and that this was racial violence by the police against an innocent black man.

  7. The linked article says that. It also says that the majority of those charged are white and employed.

    Doesn’t surprise me. Living solely on benefits is bleak – it’s an option for single women with kids due to extra $ for kids, but if you can get a min-wage job as a single man, then there’s little reason to not, unless you’re a junkie or a career criminal.

    However, I suspect the defendants with careers, rather than casual employment, are fucking rare. Also remember that if you’re up before the beak and spent a week as a labourer six months ago, you’ll call yourself a labourer in court, not a dole-rat.

  8. Although Sky’s court reporter in Croydon’s now tweeting “The vast majority/ a huge percentage of the people I’ve seen coming through the courts don’t have jobs. Most are under 23.

  9. YOIs are prisons for 18-20 year olds. They have the same general conditions as prisons, but with 25 hours a week of compulsory education.

    The idea is that if you put malevolent yoofs in with each other and try and force them to learn to read, that will probably be slightly less bad whenever they’re let out than if you put them in with seasoned criminals of all ages and give them nothing to do.

    Under 18s go to juvenile’s prisons, which are similar.

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