So just who is a child then?

But that sense of relief is exactly the reason why GCSEs should be abolished – because they perpetuate the idea that 16 is the gateway to adulthood.

Umm, but 16 is the gateway to adulthood. Sure, 16 year olds aren\’t the finished mature item but that can be said about 48 year old men like me. 16 is when you start to gather certain rights and liberties: to sex, work and so on.

And, if we\’re to be frank about this, if at 16 you\’re old enough to fuck then you\’re old enough to go to work and buy your own damn condoms.

3 thoughts on “So just who is a child then?”

  1. Surely there’s a fake charity to supply the condoms, and of course a fake newspaper to support the myth that the fake charity is only doing the right thing by the fake adults.

  2. There’s a general Progressive project to extend childhood as much as possible. They’d like to raise the age of sexual consent to 18, the age of drinking to 21 (as proposed in the article) and so on.

    It comes from the Victorian Christian model that children come into the world “innocent” and are then “corrupted” by that world, and adulthood thus represents a regrettable triumph of corruption. So, the longer you can postpone adulthood, the better.

    Which is of course pernicious claptrap, but that’s Progressivism for you.

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