The cricket in full

India’s first innings: Opener Virender Sehwag is out first ball.

England’s first innings: Opener Alastair Cook bats for 13 hours, features in partnerships of 186, 66, 122, 222, 9, 8 and 97, hits 33 boundaries and is eventually dismissed for a ground-record 294 after facing 545 deliveries.

India’s second innings: Opener Virender Sehwag is out first ball.

What I want to know is, if Australia\’s Daily Telegraph can provide well written and concise analysis, why can\’t the Australians who subedit the UK\’s Daily Telegraph do the same?

5 thoughts on “The cricket in full”

  1. Dunno, mate, but it does look like we’re stuffing ’em righteously, doesn’t it? 294 is a pretty epic score in Test cricket, especially against them Injuns. And thirteen hours? Poor bugger definitely needs a Pimms.

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