The Ego has landed

Mr. Shaxson\’s thesis.

The BBC hasn\’t made a documentary about his book, Treasure Islands, one of the 100,000 or so books published in the UK last year, because the BBC is in the pay of the tax havens.

Or something.

No doubt they won\’t make one about the Courageous State either for the same reason.

Hey, makes sense to me.

8 thoughts on “The Ego has landed”

  1. … and also smears his political opponents as “crazed”, “far-right” and “anti-democratic”, whilst accusing them of mislabeling and smearing him.

  2. Oh yes, I read that article a while back. He attempts an argument along the lines of “People have criticised some things in my book, but nobody has actually said that its central claim is wrong.”

    But it fails, because we all happily acknowledge that his description of how the City works is correct; we just think it’s a good thing.

  3. Has the BBC done a documentary on Chasing Rainbows yet?

    Tim adds: No, but I tend not to attribute that to the BBC being bribed by Greenpeace…..

  4. Hey thanks for the plug, Tim. Only thing is, it was the top-selling economics book published in the UK in the first half of 2011 ( and if you read this table carefully you will see this), so it’s not an entirely unjustified question. And if you read my blog carefully, you’ll see that it’s questioning the BBC’s approach to tax havens more generally.

    But still, never let a careful reading get in the way of a good sneer, eh?

    Oh, and I’m not sure I’ve ever used the term far-right. If I have, I am sure I didn’t mean to; I try not to, as a general rule. I don’t even see the problem of tax havens as being fundamentally one of left and right, in the same way that I don’t see the issue of corruption as being one of left and right.

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