The Guardian raises the bet in the leaping girlies A Level results stakes

As is now traditional, the newspapers illustrate the arrival of A Level results with pictures of toothsome young ladies leaping in the air in delight at hearing that they really have got into the University of Lower Neasden to study Needlework. It\’s even said that certain schools tout themselves as having particularly toothsome young ladies who would like to be so photographed.

I\’m afraid that The Guardian has just raised the stakes:


Yes, we\’ve now moved onto the Sapphic Embrace as the new standard.

Has Julie Bindel just taken over as The Guardian\’s pictures editor or something?  Are we now in the sort of photographic arms race that brought fame and fortune to Larry Flynt?

11 thoughts on “The Guardian raises the bet in the leaping girlies A Level results stakes”

  1. I would think Bindel is probably appalled. You have to remember that the word “lesbian” in the feminist dictionary doesn’t mean the same as the vernacular usage. We think it means, “a woman who is attracted to other women”. In the FemDic, it means, “a woman who rejects men”. As such, most lesbian feminists are celibate heterosexuals (one or two actual lesbians may of course be among their number).

    The species type is Andrea Dworkin; no known sapphic sexual relationships, and her life partner was a gay man, who she even married.

    The word “radical” was chosen as a sly pun; another word whose FemDic definition is at odds with what we think it means. “Radical” is associated with, er, radicalism, but they chose it because it also means “root”. That is, they were deliberately choosing a “roots, “back to basics” feminism; an intensely conservative feminism. And what was their model? The 19th century feminism of which (in the States) Jane Addams was the doyenne.

    Addams and her cohort rejected all sex and marriage, and often lived in “Boston Marriages”; platonic relationships with other women. They were devoutly puritanical and fought for general celibacy, even and specifically within marriage. This is the model for Rad Feminism.

    As Rad Feminism got started towards the end of the sixties, the sexual revolution was at its height and to call oneself “celibate” would have labelled one as simply ridiculous. So, they chose the label “lesbian” instead; and indeed have even tried to retcon the likes of Addams as “lesbians”. But, not so. They are heterosexual celibates. Hence, when “lesbian” feminist Marilyn Frye did a study of “lesbian” sexuality, she found that rates of actual sexual activity were incredibly low- “whatever it is that lesbians do that (for lack of a better word) might be called “sex” we apparently do damned little of it.” Which is unsurprising, since they don’t actually fancy each other.

    So, er, where was I? Um, Julie Bindel. Wouldn’t like this kind of thing at all.

  2. In the FemDic, [lesbian] means, “a woman who rejects men”.

    I think some men of my acquaintance have that dictionary, but I do not think they are feminists…

  3. Are we now in the sort of photographic arms race that brought fame and fortune to Larry Flynt?

    Provided it continues to involve toothsome 18 year olds of the female persuasion, we can only hope so.

  4. A level pass-rate hits new high?

    Say it ain’t so!

    You’d think they would engineer a flat year now and again, or even a decline, just to bolster their argument that standards are not declining.

    But perhaps they don’t think it is even worth trying to convince anyone, any more.

  5. Bum! Richard got there before me.

    However, one does have to ask: Given his fascination for the subject, does our host bear any responsibility.

    Not that we need to know. Whoever is responsible, is definately a chap of taste and distinction.

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