The quality of teachers is rising

We seem to actually be hiring experts:

Benedict Garrett, a sex education teacher who used the stage name Johnny Anglais, faces being struck off the teaching register after his way of life came to light while he was working at Beal High School in Ilford, Essex.

He faced allegations at a disciplinary hearing of the General Teaching Council in Birmingham yesterday that he appeared in a trailer for the pornography channel Television X and “performed as a stripper in public place”.

Of course, the teaching profession itself, now that they\’ve found out that they\’ve got someone who actually knows how to do, want to fire him.

It\’s perhaps not politic to say so, but do we think that the quality of sex education would rise if we deliberately and specifically hired ex-prostitutes to provide it? After all, the explosion of sex worker memoirs over the past few years does seem to be telling us that even when sex is supposedly what is being demanded and sold, sex is actually a pretty trivial part of what is being bought and sold.

A useful lesson, no?

2 thoughts on “The quality of teachers is rising”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    One might think that the endless pushing of a public puritanism, yet another thing we are slowly importing from the States (having successfully exported some of them in 1620!) is designed purely to breed the sort of hypocrisy in matters private that allows people to be corrupted into unquestioning obedience to the benevolent yet watchful state.

    If one was in a sufficiently cynical mood this morning.

  2. What do you mean “ex”? I’ve always thought teenagers would benefit from some real sex ed, especially the girls. Knowledge is power, and I know I’d like my hypothetical daughter to know her body and how it works before she starts having sex. That way she would be able to demand her share of pleasure with her boyfriend, instead of it all being for his benefit.

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