The usual twattery at Left Foot Forward

People in Scotland and Wales will want to know why their chances of accessing a life extending cancer drug are so much lower than their neighbours in England.

You have noted that Wales and Scotland do not charge rich bastards for their prescriptions? Whereas English rich bastards do have to pay for their prescriptions, thus increasing the funds available to pay for cancer drugs?

No, you haven\’t noted this? The idea that resources are limited, that there are opportunity costs to spending money in one manner, those costs being that you can\’t then spend the dosh again on something else nice?

No, apparently you haven\’t. How sad.

Certainly not letting you have control of the public coffers then matey.

4 thoughts on “The usual twattery at Left Foot Forward”

  1. The Scottish guy in my office is sick of fried Mars bar jokes. So leave them out on this thread please.

    Jus’ warnin ya, Jimmae!

  2. I once recall coming across, for work, an absolutely terribly written piece on health policy, for the NZ government. Eventually we realised that the reason it was so badly written was that the author was simultaneously arguing for local control of health spending and nationally consistent standard, and was smart enough to know that the two are incompatible except by sheerest chance.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Like all things provided “free” by the “Government”, the “free” things end up costing too much, so there aren’t any.

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