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What\’s causing the food price rises?

It really is the entirely stupid, damn fool, biofuels movement which is causing the food price rises. That US and EU politicians have insisted that all fuel used must be made of a certain percentage of plant derived material. It really is the entirely stupid, damn fool, laws, passed by our entirely stupid, damn fool, Lords and Masters which is killing the poor as we put food into cars not people.

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  1. The Laughing Cavalier

    So entirely damn fool stupid that only politicians and Gaia-worshipping fruitcakes could support it.

  2. If you check out the positions held by many biofuel advocates regarding things like ‘optimum population’ and ‘sustainability’ you might conclude that killing lots of poor people is regarded by them as a feature, not a bug.

  3. I still admire the summary that it’s “taking the last few feet of topsoil off the prairies and putting them in fuel tanks”.

  4. This is one of the economic reasons for the objections to the IPCC and the Greenies approach to pollution by CO2.

    You haen’t even got onto the topic of the Nissan Leaf and the £19k replacement battery – another Greenie recommendation.

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