Timmy elsewhere

I\’ve the Thunderer column in today\’s Times. Well tomorrow\’s, today\’s, umm, you know.

I can\’t link because it\’s not linkable. You\’ll just have to buy the paper. So there etc.

4 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Buy a paper? How delightfully antediluvian. I’ll send the kitchen maid out to fetch one from the news-seller forthwith. She shall have a shiny new thrupenny bit for her trouble.

  2. The Times website yesterday carried the headline “Rebels capture Gadaffi” but none of the other papers were reporting it. I realised that it was a cock up and the the whole headline was probably intended to be something like “Rebels capture Gadaffi palace”. All those millions, and an elementary cock up made worse by bad grammar. Hey ho.

  3. And another thing. At about 1:00 pm last night, Sky carried footage, labelled “Live”, from Tripoli. The scene was in bright light. Either Green Square has extraordinarily good lighting, or Sky was lying.

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