Woweeee! Now here\’s a surprise!

Labour also warned that a government- commissioned review into the future of the high street, led by the broadcaster and retail guru Mary Portas, is likely to involve other supermarket chains lobby for tougher competition laws to prevent the further dominance of Tesco.

Businessmen willing to use the law to shackle a comeptitor.

Ain\’t that a surprise?

Which leads to the important question. How in buggery did the Labour party end up as the conservative party aiming to protect the interests of the incumbent producers? Aren\’t they supposed to be the party of the masses, you know, the consumers?

7 thoughts on “Woweeee! Now here\’s a surprise!”

  1. Nah, Labour has always been the party of the producers, albeit historically usually defined as the existing workers. And it was conservative even in 1926.

  2. ” Aren’t they supposed to be the party of the masses, you know, the consumers?”

    They’re certainly the party of the Third World masses they encouraged to settle here in their millions, and the consumers of taxes.

  3. Labour’s Big Idea. extend the Welfare State to the corporations. Corporate Welfare? where have I come across that before?

  4. Oh, Grumpy, don’t dog-whistle it. You’re absolutely right. The modern-day Labour party is as close to an explicitly Fascist* movement that has ever been in the mainstream in British politics. The truly terrifying thing is that the ConDem coalition is almost exactly in lockstep.

    * blah blah blah, doesn’t mean invade Poland and put all the Jews in a gas chamber, so fuck off

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