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Wrong about booze again

The report by think tank 2020Health cites research showing that those drinking twice the recommended weekly limits increase their risk of liver disease sevenfold, mouth cancer fivefold and stroke threefold. For women, breast cancer risk doubles.

Any potentially beneficial effects of alcohol, such as reducing the risk of a heart attack, are countered by the risks of other diseases, it warns.

Umm, no.

Yes, there is a trade off, some alcohol reduces the risks of certain diseases, lots of alcohol increases the rsks of others.

But the sweet spot of those trade offs is not at twice the recommended limits. It\’s nearer three times, 50-60 units. It\’s around there that the risks of disease from booze are higher than the risks of no booze: of being teetotal.

5 thoughts on “Wrong about booze again”

  1. To a point, Lord Copper.

    Yes, it’s true that 50-60 units is where outcomes are the same as those for teetotallers. However, people who drink 20-30 units have the best outcomes of all.

  2. Does anyone know where I can get hold of this report? I can’t find any indication on the 2020Health website that they have just published one.

    All I can find so far are articles in the Daily Mail, then the Telegraph. For all I know, this is old news.

  3. Anyone got a decent source for the 50-60 figure (or john b’s 20-30)? It would be handy to take when I see the liver specialist in a few weeks.

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