A comment from Ritchie


And Vince’s Spad, recruited after the election is a libertarian fundamentalist

Poor judgement by Vince

But that Spad would feel at home with you

Two of a type

Well, no, not really. Vince\’s SpAd is an economist (so he\’s up on both of us) who has worked in the City (ditto).

You know, someone who knows what he\’s talking about?

9 thoughts on “A comment from Ritchie”

  1. I suspect that in Richie’s ‘mind’ economist is the same as libertarian fundamentalist, since both know that markets are more efficient that the state at distributing resources.

  2. Giles is now a libertarian fundamentalist? Giles? What planet is that guy on? Oh, wait, we know the answer to that one. Well, actually we don’t care, we just know it’s not this one.

  3. Oh, yeah, Giles! I’d forgotten he’d gone off to work for Vince. Good chap, shame he had to leave blogging for politics. I can’t work out which is the more unreal world.

    But he’s definitely not a libertarian. Not a fundamentalist either. He’s intellectually curious, asks good questions and recognises them when others ask them, and is willing to entertain interesting ideas about intriguing problems.

    Still, to a blinkered left-wing fundamentalist, that might look like libertarian fundamentalism. Perhaps?

  4. Let me get this straight: a bright, gracious and intellectually curious man would feel at home here ‘cos he has so much in common with Tim? And that’s a put down?

  5. Ritchieistoynbeesdildo

    Ritchie really is an idiot. It’s hilarious when twats like toynbee quote him. Can Tim post on ritchie’s site again now?

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