Academic self-plagiarist attacks the morality of banking bonuses.


Thirdly, awards can be used to enhance employees’ work motivation. Awards such as “Employee of the Month” support social recognition among the members of the firm. They should therefore be presented in a festive ceremony, emphasising what type of performance is important to the firm. Research on awards in a call centre of a credit-card company suggests that the motivation of the persons getting the award is enhanced. The performance of the employees not getting an award is not reduced. Rather, they make an effort to get the award in the future (Neckermann et al 2008). Employees working in a team are usually proud that (at least) one of its members has received an award.

Yeah. I can just see that. Employee of the Month Award provides the same incentive as a bonus which will purchase a house in Chelsea.

Yeah, right Bruno.

First, the employees have to be carefully selected. Above all, employers must check whether the job seekers are interested in the work to be performed or solely in the money that will come along with it. In all too many sectors of the economy this task seems to have been neglected. In the financial sector, for example, many persons have been chosen whose only goal is to get as high a salary as possible.

And wouldn\’t that be an interesting innovation. Hiring people to work with money who weren\’t interested in money.

We\’ll be saying that Bryn\’s just too interested in that singing shit to be in the opera soon enough.

BTW, expect this information from Professor Frey to appear five or six times in marginally different papers over the next few months.

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  1. I decided to take a look at the Neckermann study. They used Who’s Who and the awards people received as their data source. Which is of course, completely different to what happens in a company. You win Cardiff Singer of the Year or a Rhodes scholarship and it means something. The value of having those in your CV raises your financial value to the world.

    This is completely different to Employee of the Month awards. Talk to a recruiter and tell them that you won 2 Employee of the Month awards in the past 12 months and they won’t give a toss because they know that a these are corporate bullshit.

    And few employees respond to them because the effort applied multiplied by the odds of being recognised is far less than the rewards received. If you want to be rewarded, go and get a job behind a bar after work.

  2. I can’t remember who wrote it (Terry Pratchett?), but it went something along the lines of, “the kind of company which has an employee of the month award cares absolutely nothing about its employees.” It’s the sort of pseudo-incentivising bullshit you get in soulless cubicle farms or fast food restaurants. Think ‘Office Space’ or the eponymous (and awful) ‘Employee of the Month’.

  3. @DG:

    Headquarters had even started an Employee of the Month scheme to show how much they cared. That was how much they didn’t care.

    – Going Postal, Terry Pratchett

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