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That we’ve not had boffins from CERN gurning at us while holding large lottery cheques shows that the boffins at CERN have a measurement error, not FTL.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Sorry but does that follow? Einstein’s Special and General Relativity says that moving faster than light amounts to Time Travel and that to do so would require an infinite amount of energy.

    CERN boffins say they have found something going faster than light thus proving (in the absence of an infinite amount of energy which may not apply to neutrinos anyway) Einstein wrong about one thing.

    So might it not follow that Einstein was also wrong about it amounting to Time travel?

    Admittedly it is unlikely they are right, but it seems premature to say so for this reason.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I think the more important story on that website is the apparent spontaneous combustion of Michael Faherty. I would like to say I am sorry but I had to sit through River dance once. With a bit of luck this will bring that awful Irish line dancing craze to an end.

  3. One reason I’m suspicious is that they exceed the speed of light by so little. If you’re going to prove ol’ Al wrong, why not do it in spades? And another thing: perhaps the accepted value of the speed of light is wrong – very unlikely, I’ll grant you, but not absolutely impossible.

  4. Not at all – if they are smart they will farm the lotteries. Use proxies who then ‘spend’ all the money or vow never to change their lifestyle. Keep the pattern random so it goes unnoticed.

    Launder the winnings and use them for fun – like private space initiatives. Can take a long term front-man plan here – fund useful idiots to be come ‘mega-successful’ entrepreneurs (Branson etc) to disguise income stream.

    And you are claiming it’s not happening?

  5. Time machines have been invented, but they prove so problematic that people travel back in time to *un*-invent them.

  6. “Einstein’s Special and General Relativity says that moving faster than light amounts to Time Travel and that to do so would require an infinite amount of energy.”

    Not quite. It’s a bit odder than that.

    Special relativity says that for a particle with non-zero rest mass, energy is mc^2/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) where m is the rest mass, c is the speed of light, v is the particle’s speed, and sqrt means the square root.

    As v gets closer and closer to c, the energy required approaches infinity. At the speed of light you get a divide-by-zero, and then for v bigger than c, you get something divided by the square root of a negative number.

    (For the curious, particles with zero rest mass can only have non-zero energy if both top and bottom of the fraction are zero, which means v must equal c. E=0/0 is the same as 0*e=0, which is satisfied by any value of E.)

    Clearly, Einstein would have to be wrong about a lot of stuff, most of which has been thoroughly checked and found correct since he came up with it, for this to be true. Things like particle accelerators and GPS location wouldn’t work, as they both rely on relativity calculations for their control, which would be ironic as it was a particle accelerator located by GPS that raised the problem.

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