An excellent, excellent piece of historical digging


Maggie (and later, John Major) were right you know.

1 thought on “An excellent, excellent piece of historical digging”

  1. Thanks for the link. Yes Maggie was absolutely right and put it brilliantly.

    But not John Major. He weaseled into accepting an opt-out that has poisoned UK/EU relations ever since – instead of vetoing the Maastricht Treaty, which would have forced those wanting a single currency to set up a separate treaty rather than foist it (nearly) everyone else. If that had happened, Greece would not have been allowed in and Italy, Spain and Portugal probably not . That way the euro would most probably still be working fine and there would be no crisis today.
    Yes, it’s all Major’s fault.

    By the way, nice to see Higgins is still doddering around the House of Lords asking awkward questions about economic issues.

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