Bit cheeky by Huhne

Liberal Democrats Party Conference 2011: Pledge to drive down energy bills
Householders will be able to switch energy suppliers more quickly, bulk-buy power at discount rates and claim refunds if firms are found to have exploited them for profit, Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, is to announce.

When of course it is his very own policies which are driving up energy bills in the first place.

14 thoughts on “Bit cheeky by Huhne”

  1. At least it’s in keeping with Government policy.

    The public are cretins, so tell them what’s expedient for you at the time.

  2. I read a headline at the w/e where this stupid man says it is a myth that green policies have added to our household bills. Stupid, or evil ?

    Alan Douglas

  3. Just skimmed through the comments on the Telegraph story. I couldn’t find a commentator who had picked up that Huhne’s policies were causing the price increases. John Miller’s comment may have more than a grain of truth in it.

  4. Hypocritical, insincere and breathtakingly arrogant come to mind rather than cheeky. And the cartel was created by Blair and Brown so that it would implement Government policies such as E Miliband’s Climate Change Bill so loved by this same Huhne.

  5. Of course, wholesale gas prices have nothing to do with energy price rises, even though the utilities have said that’s why they’ve put up prices.

    But hey ho, keep knocking green policies if that works for you.

  6. Green policies are wicked moronic marxist garbage as is Huhne. Who cares what bullshit energy companies put out–they don’t want to speak the truth because it would upset their political pals. However even they have been having secret meeting with the bureaucratic trash to complain that they are becoming unpopular because of rising prices. Don’t know what garbage they were told but prob the same anodyne lies the rest of us get.

  7. Mr Huhne will also offer customers the chance to join online “co-operatives” to bulk-buy electricity and gas from energy companies and automatically get the lowest price available.

    The scheme is based on successful group-purchase websites such as Groupon, where consumers band together to buy goods and services at a block discount.

    That would be Groupon that keeps growing its working capital deficit, at a similar rate to how it’s growing in sales?

    Yeah, that’s going to work out great for these “co-operatives”.

  8. As Adam notes, green policies are largely an irrelevant sideshow. Just as ignorant lefties focus on EVIL PROFITEERS!!!!, ignorant rightiest focus on EVIL ECOFASCISTS!!!!

    The real point is that Hydrocarbons Are Much More Expensive Than In The Good Old Days, because They’re Running Out. That’s an inherent physical law, not up for debate, and which has nothing to do with ideology.

  9. john b – We aren’t running out of hydrocarbons, and the hideously expensive petrol and electricity bills in the UK are not because of hydrocarbon scarcity.

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